Keltic Accounting

Welcome to the Keltic Owl

We’re really pleased to introduce to you our new improved branding!

Having decided it was time to refresh and reflect our innovative approach and delivery of the wisest solutions for our clients, the Keltic owl was born.

We chose the owl as throughout ancient and modern times they are well known for their wisdom. We also wanted our logo to be a bit different from the norm and stand out from the crowd. Our founder Sheena’s favourite colour is purple too, so it’s just as well purple is associated with wealth – us accountants are good at wealth matters.

According to My Spirit Animal, the the owl:

  • Helps you face your shadows
    We help you to face any financial shadows you might have – addressing financial matters is preferable to burying your head in the sand – we help you get things sorted.
  • Helps you find wisdom in silence
    You can rely on us to be in the background quietly looking after your financial records – we’re quick to speak up though when we have feedback or need your input!
  • Helps you to see the truth
    It’s so important to be realistic about finances in order to gauge our profit (or loss) at the earliest possible time, and to allow us to plan for any contingencies required to keep a positive cash flow. #cashisking

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Team Keltic